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Muslim Woman Consents To Donating A Kidney To An Ailing Hindu
Coming out in support of an ailing Hindu woman from Pune, a Muslim woman from Fatehpur district has consented to donate her kidney.

Coming out in support of an ailing Hindu woman from Pune, a Muslim woman from Fatehpur district has consented to donate her kidney.

According to Times of India reports, donor/recipient compatibility has been ascertained by conducting tests on both the donor, 40-year-old Shamshad Begum and 38-year-old recipient Aarti.

Begum, who hails from Raribuzurg village in the Bindki Tehsil, now awaits authorisation for an organ transplant from the state government’s authorization committee after submission of all required documents.

Aarti, happened to meet the donor through a friend, Junaida Khatoon, who is Begum’s sister. When Begum visited her sister in Pune, the two were introduced as Aarti was leaving for her dialysis after the failure of both of her kidneys.

“I was shocked by the pain being suffered by a person facing death. I underwent the blood group test which matched Aarti’s group,” said Shamshad Begum to TOI.

“I am ready for organ transplant. The religion of a person should always be humanism. It is just a simple sacrifice for a fellow being,” she said to TOI.

Soon after hearing her story, Begum agreed to donate her kidney. The two went to a hospital following the decision to test for compatibility where it was revealed that they were a match.

“Now a few counselling sessions of my daughter and a final nod from the state government’s authorisation committee for organ transplantation remain,” said Zakir Khan, Begum’s father.

“The paper work for the donation has been completed. Both the families have no objection to the kidney transplant. We have submitted an affidavit in the office of the chief medical officer undertaking that my daughter will give her kidney to Aarti,” he added.

Begum now lives with her father and her teenage daughter after her husband’s death ten years ago.

Dr Vinay Kumar, CMO, Fatehpur, said that the district health department has received all of Begum’s documents which would now be sent to the health directorate for approval.