Fog Triggers 20 Car Pile-Up On Yamuna Expressway
Fog Triggers 20 Car Pile-Up On Yamuna Expressway

Despite a time span of 3+ days, the Diwali smog hangover has yet to clear up and continues causing harm as 20 cars crashed in a pile-up on the Yamuna Expressway on Thursday morning due to low visibility from smog.

Many people have sustained injuries from the pile-up according to reports, although the official number is yet to be confirmed.

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Following Diwali on October 30, where firecrackers were burst across the capital, smoke has clogged the air, raising air pollution to alarming levels as well as creating thick smog which combined with fog dangerously reduces on-ground visibility.

On Monday, decreased visibility caused 5 cars to ram into one another on the DND Flyway.

Yamuna Expressway with a distance of 165 km is India’s longest 6-lane controlled-access expressway stretch connecting Greater Noida and Agra.