robert vadraAFinance Ministry is reportedly looking into allegations that whether Robert Vadra was gifted a ‘benami’ mansion in London by a controversial arms dealer.

According to a report by the NDTV, the government agencies are focussing their probe on the e-mail communication between Vadra and his aide Manoj Arora. They are also questioning defence dealer Sanjay Bhandari in connection with the controversial case.

The enforcement agencies that raided 18 premises owned by Sanjay Bhandari last month, reportedly stated that both Vadra and his executive assistant Arora sent ‘several emails discussing payments and renovations for the London home.

The home at 12 Ellerton House, Bryanston Square was brought for Rs. 19 crore in October 2009 and sold in June 2010.

The report further states that Vadra’s as well as Arora’s emails were sent to Sumit Chadda, a relative of Bhandari, who is based in London.

The emails exchanged also refer to redecorating the property.

Bhandari is the the owner of Offset India Solutions (OIS). A covert Intelligence Bureau report had red-flagged his business dealings in 2014 right after the Modi government took office and advised the Defence Ministry to keep him at a distance.

The report also states that Bhandari tried to destroy his Blackberry phone during during the raids. However, the agencies were able to recover data from his phone and hsi computers.

Vadra is now being investigated for land deals in Haryana to determine if he got special discount and other benefits.

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