Delhi Government Bans Chinese 'Maanjha'
Delhi Government Bans Chinese ‘Maanjha’

Delhi government on Tuesday issued a ban against the use of Chinese ‘Manjha’ in the capital.

‘Manjha’ is a sharp string, often coated with glass or metal to make it sharper.

The move comes a day after two people, including a three year old girl, died after getting entangled in the ‘maanjha’.

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The 3-year-old died after a kite string got tangled around her neck as she stood up to peek outside the car through its sunroof.

In another incident on Monday, a 22-year-old biker died after a kite string got entangled around his neck. The incident happened in West Delhi on Keshavpur Elevated Road around 5.30 pm when victim Zafar Khan was crossing the flyover and came in contact with the manjha.

The third incident was reported from West Delhi on Monday when a 14-year-old boy was critically injured after coming in contact with a high-tension wire in Bindapur.

This string has also been causing deaths of birds flying in the sky.

PETA had also last week filed a petition with the National Green Tribunal demanding an immediate ban on it.