Chief Justice of India TS Thakur
Chief Justice of India TS Thakur

Chief Justice of India TS Thakur today slammed government and Supreme Court over the appointment and said, “Tribunals are not equipped, today a situation has come that when no retired SC judge wants to head tribunal.”

“Several tribunals are empty, I am pained to send my retired colleagues there. Government is not ready to give proper facilities, vacancy apart from infrastructure is a major concern for tribunal,” he said.

“Today 500 judges posts are vacant in High courts, today we have vacant court room but no judges. Around 500 vacancies in High courts today, 500 HC judges should be working today; they are not working,” he added.

“Appointments have been made. 121 or so sch appointments have come,but large number of proposals still pending,hope Govt attends to them also,” he also added.

“Advance ruling is not having its chairman,Armed Forces appellate Tribunal is without a chairman, competition commission without chairman,” he added.

Thakur said, “Posts are falling vacant and I am at pains in persuading my colleagues who are demitting office to accept these appointments.They are declining, because the Govt is not ready even to do the bare minimum of providing a dignified place for chairman to occupy.”

“I have in the past written to the Govt unless you amend the rules,make Chief justices in HCs also eligible for these appointments there maybe a situation where a SC judge may not be available to head these tribunals,” TS Thakur said.