E-commerce is a multi-billion Industry, and Trust plays a pivotal role in the money-spinning industry. Yes, trust, because in e-commerce ecology everything right from seeing the product to purchasing it happens in a virtual interface. Customers buy due to heavy discounts provided and hence the physical aspect of the product takes a backseat but yes trust remains an integral part of the system and hence the balance is there.

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But lately big E-commerce player Amazon has unbalanced the ecosystem by breaching the trust of the customers because of some thousand bucks and caused irreparable damage to the integrity of the industry.

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Recently many customers were cheated by Amazon by providing them duplicate products, as they were frauded by selling fake iPhones and other products. here are some of the customers’ testimonies and they are indeed appalling




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After Duping Customers With Fake iPhones and accessories, Tech Giant Apple has sued an Amazon supplier for providing chargers and products to Amazon to be sold as ‘genuine’ Apple products. In the trademark infringement lawsuit Apple also states that the counterfeit products haven’t been safety certified or properly constructed and pose a risk to the public.

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