British Royal Couple Prince William and Kate will visit world’s most famous monument to love, Taj Mahal today.


According to reports, the couple is expected to arrive late afternoon, at around 3:45 pm, and will fly to Delhi post dinner.

Reports claims, during the visit, Prince William and Kate will pose together in front Taj Mahal to banish sad memories of Princess Diana.

In 1992, the late Princess Diana, posed alone in front of the ‘monument of love,’ signaling to a surprised British public that her fairy-tale marriage to Prince Charles wasn’t as happy as they hoped.

Reports suggest that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been invited to sit on the same bench at the Taj Mahal where Diana posed.

According to reports, on visit couple will use a separate pathway to Taj, where they will stay for about two hours.

Due to exemption under protocol, the royal couple and their entourage will neither be required to purchase tickets nor undergo frisking at the entrance.