ruby raiRuby Rai, the controversial Arts topper of Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB), on Sunday was sent to judicial custody till July 8 after she failed a re-test at the boards office on Saturday.

She taken into custody by the Patna Police soon after she failed the re-test.

The results of Rubi and other toppers were put on hold after the scam came to light in May.

A total of 14 students were called for a re-test by the BSEB after a news channel broadcast a sting in which Rubi Rai said: “Prodikal (read political) science is about cooking”, and Saurabh Shreshtha,  a Science topper, said: “Most reactive element in the periodic table is aluminium”.

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Ruby had scored 444 out of 500 marks in the Arts stream and Saurabh Shreshtha 485 out of 500 in Science. Both studied in V.R. College in Vaishali district.

According to police officials, the Patna civil court has issued a non-bailable warrant of arrest against four toppers including Rubi Rai.

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