Bihar Court officially bans 'Made in China' products
Bihar Court officially bans ‘Made in China’ products

Declaring China an enemy for supporting Pakistan, a Gram Kachahri (village court) in the Aurangabad district of Bihar, banned the sale and purchase of ‘Made in China’ goods with a fine being levied on those breaking the ban.

The Obra Panchayat village court covers an area with a population of over 10,000 and made the decision to ban products manufactured in China with an overall consensus.

According to a district official, there are over two dozen shops in Obra panchayat that sell ‘Made in China’ goods, selling goods woth lakhs of rupees in last year’s festival season itself.

A majority of these goods include toys, fancy lights, gift items, plastic ware and decorative goods.

In rural India, there is a huge market for Chinese products as they are cheaper, compared to those produced in India.