Air Pollution Claimed 1.4 Million Lives In India In 2013: Report
Air Pollution Claimed 1.4 Million Lives In India In 2013: Report

Air pollution is putting our next generation at risk, raising alarm about this monster, World Bank in association with the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, in its latest report said that it claimed 1.4 million lives in India in 2013.

Exposure to air pollution increases a person’s risk of contracting ailments such as lung cancer, stroke, heart disease and chronic bronchitis.

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The report shows that in 2013 more than five million deaths worldwide were attributed to health conditions caused by air pollution. About 60% of them were in the world’s two most populous countries.

The report also estimated that air pollution cost the world economy more than $5 trillion – purchasing power parities (PPP) at 2011 prices – in welfare losses and an additional $66 billion worth of manpower loss.

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In terms of welfare losses because of air pollution, India ranks second after China at $505.1 billion, or 7.69% of its gross domestic product (GDP), in 2013. Premature deaths due to air pollution in 2013 cost the global economy about $225 billion in lost labour income, or about $5.11 trillion in welfare losses, worldwide, according to the report.