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Air India Creates Record For World’s Longest Nonstop Flight

Air India has entered record books for operating the world’s longest nonstop flight travelling from Delhi-to-San Francisco (US) over the Pacific Ocean for a total distance of 15,300 km covered in 14.5 hours.

Although the route over the Pacific Ocean is nearly 1,400 km longer than flying over the Atlantic Ocean, the flight duration is reduced by almost two hours as winds blow in the same direction as the aircraft, helping it fly faster.

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Previously, the Atlantic route of Air India’s Delhi-to-San Francisco nonstop flight was the second longest path in the world at 13,900 km, after Emirates’ Dubai-Auckland flight which covered a distance of 14,120km.

The Air India Pacific route will likely retain its title as world’s longest nonstop flight for two years till Singapore Airlines is expected to launch Singapore-New York nonstop flight that will cover 16,500km in 19 hours.