Abusive Or Disrespectful Adults Can Be Evicted By Parents: Delhi HC
Abusive Or Disrespectful Adults Can Be Evicted By Parents: Delhi HC

The Delhi High Court recently ruled that children that have reached the legal age of becoming adults can be evicted from their home by the parents if the children are abusive or disrespectful towards them.

Parents may also evict the children if the children are mentally or physically harassing their parents in any way the court ruled, asserting that parents are not obliged to provide accommodation to their adult sons or daughters.

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The ruling specified, that parents do not necessarily need to own the house in order to evict their children, but are required to have legal possession of the home in order to ask the children to leave.

The recent ruling is in accordance with the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007 (MWPSCA), which states that an eviction order can be made “to ensure that senior citizens live peacefully in their house without being forced to accommodate a son who physically assaults and mentally harasses them or threatens to dispossess them.”

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The earlier ruling only gave parents the right to evict abusive adults from owned properties and not from rented accommodations, which has been amended by the recent court judgement.

The judgement came in light of a plea by a man complaining of being asked to leave his parents home.