91-year oldThe Pakistani government has finally fulfilled the last wish of 91 year old Krishna Khanna- a resident of Meerut, India by granting him VISA to visit his ancient family home in Pakistan’s Udhok.

TOI reports, It is almost everyday that 91-year-old Krishna Khanna remembers his childhood days in the 1930s when as a boy of five he had laughed and played along with his grandfather at their home in Udhoke.

According to reports, Khanna has been trying for Pak Visa for last ten years but failed every time.

However, on Thursday after this long wait, Pak govt finally granted Khanna his wish.

Now, Pakistani government have not only allowed him to visit Udhoke and Sheikhupura but have given permission to three others to accompany him, among them his 80-year-old brother Jagdish.