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A day after, News World India reported into the dire, dilapidating and dark conditions of the widows of Vrindavan, the impact of this investigative reportage has forced the state government on Wednesday to form a 7-member investigation team to probe various ill-treatment heaped upon these widows.

As the Minister for Women and Child Development, Maneka Gandhi on Tuesday laid the foundation stone of a 1,000-bedded state-of-the-art widow home at Vrindavan aimed at providing better living condition, vocational training and medical facilities to such women, News World India went undercover to find out the darker truth into the living conditions of these widowed women.

During the investigation it was revealed that these women, who still face stigma as widows, are not only being ill-treated but also harassed both mentally and sexually by those who are supposed to be taking care of them. Though the state and central government have provided many such widow housing, there is a certain lack of care and review of this scheme and the widows living in them.

Taking cognizance of this matter, the Permanent Secratary of Social Services, Pawan Kumar Srivastav issued a letter to concerned state authorities seeking an investigation.

In the letter he said, these widowed women face harassment, death threats, and usurption of their rations. He also shed light on those women who have passed away but their names are still listed in the register with their rations being used for other services, thereby corrupting the scheme.

The letter also highlights rampant corruption in the scheme which is meant to assist these widows and the state government and thus formed a 7-member investigation team to probe into the matter.


Watch the entire investigative report here: