Nitish KumarBihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday said that he was open to the possibility of ordering a CBI probe into the murder of a journalist in Bihar’s Siwan district on Friday night.

Addressing a press conference in Patna today, Kumar said that he would order a CBI inquiry if the family deems it fit.

“A journalist was killed in Siwan. I am worried about this. A journalist has to write or speak. If there is an attack on a journo, it’s an attack on me and that’s how I am looking at the case.”

“I have come to know that family wants CBI enquiry. We will formally request by today evening,” he said at a press conference today.

Bureau chief of Hindi daily ‘Hindustan’ Rajdev Ranjan was shot dead in Bihar’s Siwan district on Friday.

According to reports, Rajdev was shot point blank in the head and neck today evening, one bullet hit his head while the other hit his chest.