Come October 7, Bengal’s biggest extravaganza will commence. Yes, it’s time for Durga Puja. Each year, organisers attract visitors to the puja pandals with their mind-blowing designs, creativity and sculpture.

Taking the theme of ‘Nostalgia’ the puja organisers of Beliaghata 33 Pally have made their pandal with something that is synonymous with Kolkata’s rich history. We are talking about the traditional yellow taxis of Kolkata. As Hind Motors has stopped its production of the famous yellow ambassador taxis and the advent of App Based Taxi Services, they are on the verge of extinction, hence the theme of nostalgia.

For the construction of this innovative pandal, ace sculptor Shiv Sankar Das used 15 taxis, 200 silencer pipes, and 300 car doors as well as other parts of the ambassador as decoration.

In this pandal, the idol sits on a taxi itself. Naming the theme Maayer Ashirbad (the Goddess’ grace).

There are many such amazing themes and art that not only aim to be distinctive but also deliver a meaningful message as pandal-hopping is not only a matter of fun but also a way to realise the kind of ideologies that are dominating the current society.