Shocking! IIT Delhi Asks Women To Wear 'Full Covered Decent Dresses' On House Day
Shocking! IIT Delhi Asks Women To Wear ‘Full Covered Decent Dresses’ On House Day

Despite being one of the premier institutes of the country the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi issued a surprisingly regressive notice asking women to wear “full covered decent western or Indian dresses” on their house day.

The notice put up at the Himadri women’s hostel was signed by the warden ahead of the annual House day event on April 20 when residents can invite guests in the hostel for an hour. Hostellers shared the notice with ‘Pinjra Tod’ group that fights against discriminatory rules for women in hostels and PGs.

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“This is the first time that such a notice has been put up. We have been told verbally in the past to be fully covered but a written notice has been issued for the first time,” Hindustan Times quoted a Himadri Hostel student as saying.

Calling it an act of moral policing, a member of Pinjra Tod said, “Why do our administrators feel this desperate need to police women wear.”

View the notice below:

IIT Delhi Notice