odd even violators
Choudhary Babulal (Upper Right corner), Prahlad Patel (Lower left corner), Udit Raj (Lower right corner) Ashwani Chopra (Upper right corner)

With the beginning of second part of the Budget session, many lawmakers violated the odd-even rule on Monday in order to reach the parliament.

The list includes BJP MPs Choudhary Babulal,Prahlad Patel,Udit Raj,Ashwani Chopra,Paresh Rawal,KP Maurya and BC Khandoori.

The reports of violations came hours after Delhi Transport Minister announced 6 special buses for the MPs to reach parliament.

According to reports, the special buses did not find many takers, few names who used the buses to reach parliament include BJP MP Ranjan Bhatt and Hari Om Pandey.

BJP MP Ranjan Bhatt said “I’m very happy with this service, I support it. It’s also good in terms of pollution control.”