delhi-odd-evenChina has come out in support of Delhi’s odd-even car rationing scheme.

Deputy director in Decongestion Department of Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, Zhou Tian in a statement to the media said that ‘the life of people in Delhi can improve’ if the ‘odd-even license plate formula is followed properly’.

Zhou admitted that though the scheme affected the daily life of people in Beijing, it had been very successful.

“We adopt odd-even license plates formula only when there are major events in Beijing. It has been very successful, but it affects the daily life of citizens in Beijing,” he said.

Delhi hosts nearly 9 million vehicles, almost a third of which are cars.

Beijing on the other hand has nearly 5.5 million cars running on its roads, with a fleet of nearly 25,000 public transport buses against Delhi’s fleet of 4,500 Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses.

Over 1,300 challans were issued on the first day of the second phase of the odd-even car-rationing scheme, which began on April 15.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also congratulated the citizens on Saturday for making the scheme ‘highly successful’.