Delhi Smog Causes Deadly Damage
Delhi Smog Causes Deadly Damage

The capital continues to grapple with the heavy blanket of grey haze leading to poor levels of visibility and severe air pollution deteriorating the air quality index level at an alarming rate.

Post-Diwali, bursting of the crackers was being directed as the main reason for this dense smog.

However, as suggested by the NASA, the biggest reason for this smog could also be the burning of crops by the farmers in the neighboring states of Punjab and Haryana which is an old practice.

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A forecast by NASA points to high levels of “fires and thermal anomalies” in areas such as Punjab and some portion of Pakistan. A staggering amount — 32 million tons (30 billion kgs) of leftover straw are being burned by farmers.

In the middle of this, the daily lives of people in New Delhi are heavily being impacted with them facing breathing issues. It is also causing a rise in the number of people facing asthma and reduced lung function and other health problems ranging from allergies and respiratory conditions, malformations, growth restrictions and even an increasing incidence of cancers, all of which could be related to increased pollution. Children are more prone to the long term harmful effects of this choking car surrounding the capital.

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The situation in the capital has worsened till an extent where the Indian Medical Association president KK Aggarwal has advised Delhiites to stay indoors. Delhi government calls for emergency measures.