A video showing Delhi police and some alleged ‘RSS activists’ beating up students, who were protesting outside the RSS office in New Delhi has gone viral on social media, with netizens demanding strict action against the ‘unruly’ cops.

The video shot on January 30 shows that Delhi police personnel manhandling and thrashing even female students from All India Students’ Association (AISA) outside the Right wing fundamentalist party office in Delhi.

Reports say that as many as 30 students were protesting against the suicide of Hyderabad University Scholar Rohith Vemula, when police used brute force to disperse them. However what comes shocking was that no women police was deputed on the spot and male cops were seen brutally thrashing two women and throwing them to the ground.

The video also shows some people in plain clothes also assaulting the students. It is not yet clear whether the plain clothes men were policemen or not. Some of the protesters later alleged that the men in plain clothes were RSS supporters.