Yamuna flood, yamuna river, Flood, MonsoonOften at logger-heads, the BJP-led NDA Government and Arvind Kejriwal dispensation today came together to launch a fresh “wholesome” action plan worth around Rs 825 crore to rid Yamuna of its filth within two-and-half years.

Under the third Yamuna Action Plan (YAP), flagged off by Union Water Resources Minister Uma Bharti in the presence of Delhi Minister Kapil Mishra here, the two governments will
carry out works such as construction of STPs along drains between Wazirabad and Okhla to treat waste water, clean the river’s surface removing solid waste with trash skimmers,
create river fronts and repair Chhat Ghat.

“Under this plan, we will build STPs to curb its pollution, create a new riverfront, repair Chhat Ghat spending Rs 2.5 crore. We have also deployed trash skimmer worth Rs 4.5 crore for cleaning Yamuna consistently.

“If need be, we will deploy more such skimmers. Thus, we are treating solid waste, sewage waste and if we get any proposal from state, we will treat chemical waste too,” Bharti said.

Thanking the Central government for its initiative, Mishra noted launch of the work is “historic” and said the authorities will ensure “not a single” drop of filthy water flows into the river after next two-and-half years.

“I thank Uma didi, her ministry and the Government. We are working like a team. And a result of it, we have launched work on this comprehensive package of treating waste water,
removing solid waste and repairing Chhat Ghat. This is an historic beginning,” he said.

Mishra said the Kejriwal-led government is working on a “comprehensive” action plan which will be submitted to Centre within 30-45 days and executed after consulting Delhi

He also stated that students of US-based Virginia University will chalk out a plan to clean the river.

“We will execute the project in a time-bound manner, we intend to clean the river, in which not a drop of dirty water flows into, in two to two-and-half years. And the way things are moving, we can see that happening,” he added.

During her speech, Bharti said the governments plan to construct small barrages to hold Yamuna’s water and release the same in the river during lean period to ensure adequate

“We are also thinking of recharging Yamuna with Yamuna’s water only. Hence, small barrages will be built, electricity will be produced. But the main intention is to recharge Yamuna with Yamuna’s water only,” she added.