8 Facts About The 86 Delhi Metro Trains Arriving In March
8 Facts About The 86 Delhi Metro Trains Arriving In March

The life-line of Delhi, the Metro, is set to get an upgrade in March 2017 when 86 six-coach trains ordered from a Korea-based manufacturer will join Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to be plied on the new Pink (Mukundpur-Shiv Vihar) and Magenta (Botanical Garden-Janakpuri west) lines.

Here are some interesting facts on the new trains:

  1. Driverless: The news trains have option for ‘Unattended Train Operation’ mode which will make all metro functions such as starting and stopping, acceleration and breaking, opening and closing of doors, fully automated. Initially, operators will drive the new metros, but after a year of stringent trials, the trains will likely go completely driverless by mid-2018.

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  2. Derailment Safety: The new trains will have an Obstruction Deflection Device (ODD) that will be capable of removing any small obstruction from the track to avoid derailment.
  3. Suicide Prevention: Two additional front-facing cameras will be set up on the new trains which will be connected to central control room which will help in spotting and preventing suicide attempts.

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  4. More Space: The new coaches have a width of 3.2 metres as compared to the current 2.9 metre wide coaches, which will increase train capacity from 1,780 to 1,866 per train. Also, when the trains are made driver-less, an additional 60 passengers can be included per train.
  5. Speed: The current trains run at a speed of 35 km per hour but the new ones have potential for higher acceleration which will make them run 10 percent faster.
  6. Frequency: The new trains can be run with a minimum frequency of only 90 seconds, while currently the average frequency is 2 min 10 seconds.

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  7. Low Energy Consumption: The new trains can lower energy consumption by 20 percent by facilitating higher regeneration of power. The trains are equipped with LED lights, automatic dimming and energy efficient AC system.
  8. Digital Screens: Every coach will include digital route maps and fully programmable LCD screens that are compatible with videos, real-time video streaming, graphics and animations. The digital screens can also be used for advertisements.

Sadly, the swanky new metro trains cannot be incorporated on the existing metro lines.