REEMA SOODA 17-year-old girl hanged herself to death, on Tuesday, at her home in north Delhi’s Maurice Nagar after she failed twice in her chemistry exams. She left a suicide note saying that she wanted to donate her organs.


However, the two-page suicide note Reema Sood left behind was found after a day of her death and so now only eyes could be donated.

Reema’s, a Class 11 student of a government school, last words were, “I cannot live without any destination… Sorry Papa I failed to be your good daughter… Don’t blame anybody for my extreme step… Papa my last wish is to donate my organs to needy persons…(sic).”

According to the Police, Reema went into depression after seeing her annual exam result which came out on May 10. After seeing the result she locked herself in a room and hanged herself from a water pipe in the bathroom using her dupatta.

During investigation, it emerged that 11 of Reema’s relatives have signed organ donation papers. Her father is an employee in the Patel Chest Institute in the Delhi University Campus.

It was also found that Reema had some dispute with her sister but it could not be taken as the reason behind the suicide, police said. A day after the incident, Reema’s traumatised parents also had to be admitted in a hospital.