Subhas ChandraMedia baron Subhash Chandra, who won the Rajya Sabha polls from Haryana, on Tuesday accused the Congress and R K Anand of lodging a “frivolous” compliant against him for allegedly changing the pe used to mark votes and instead pointed at differences between Congress and INLD for fielding the senior lawyer.

While Chandra was backed by the BJP, Anand had the backing of Congress and INLD. He said the complaints against him are “frivolous” in nature and are based on “whimsical assumptions without a shred of evidentiary backing”.

In a statement, Chandra said the complaints are an abuse of the process of the law and are a “counter-blast” to losing the elections. He said Election Commission had reviewed the proceedings post counting and after going through the same had given clearance to declare the results. Chandra pointed out that Anand’s name proposed by INLD was not supported by Congress MLAs. ”

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