Live Updates: PM Modi Addresses From Gandhinagar
Live Updates: PM Modi Addresses From Gandhinagar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in Gujarat for the ‘bhoomi poojan’ of the redevelopment of the Gandhinagar railway station complex, addresses the public.

Here are highlights:

Working to expand cargo. Have asked to reduce the weight of railway containers so as to increase productivity: PM Modi

Electrification of lines are being done. Worked on Bio-toilet very quickly. It is a step towards change: PM Modi in Gandhinagar

Railways is connected with every person. The poorest of the poor benefit a lot due to the Railways: PM Modi

This Govt has given priority to Railways, we want it to progress and help bring qualitative change in people’s lives: PM Modi

Gujarat: PM Narendra Modi speaking at ‘bhoomi poojan’ of redevelopment of Gandhinagar railway station complex