Shaktikanta Das Addresses Media
Shaktikanta Das Addresses Media

Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das briefed the media on Thursday, announcing new measures taken by the government for smoother transition in the demonetisation ban.

He also reassured the public saying “task force held a meeting and a road map has been formed to re-calibrate all ATMs; sure that it will be done soon.”

Guideline highlights:

Traders registered with APMC markets will be permitted to draw Rs 50000 per week; accounts need to be KYC compliant: Shaktikanta Das

Central govt employees up to group C can draw salary advance up to Rs 10,000 in cash that’ll be adjusted against their Nov salaries: S Das

One member of the family, be it father or mother can withdraw upto Rs 2.5 lakhs for a wedding: Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das

For over the counter exchange of old Rs 500/1000 notes, with effect from Nov 18, Rs 4,500 limit will be reduced to Rs 2000: Shaktikanta Das

For wedding ceremonies, upto Rs 2.5 lakh can be withdrawn from the bank account which are KYC compliant: Shaktikanta Das

Govt has decided that time limit in crop insurance premium cases will be extended by 15 days: Shaktikanta Das

Govt decided to permit farmers to draw upto Rs 25,000 per week against crop loans sanctioned and credited to their accounts: Shaktikanta Das