Amit-Rahul-on-JNUAmid massive protest in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), BJP president Amit Shah on Monday launched a scathing attack against Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi for his stand on the JNU crisis and asked him to clarify ‘what is Congress’ definition of patriotism where Rahul Gandhi cannot differentiate between anti-state & nationalism activities”.

Amit Shah’s tirade came a day after Rahul Gandhi visited the JNU campus and supported the students.

Rahul Gandhi virtually drew parallel of it with the regime of Hitler, accusing NDA of “suppressing” students’ voice and telling students “don’t let those bullies push you around”.

Excerpts From Amit Shah Blog:

– What is Congress’ definition of patriotism where Rahul Gandhi cannot differentiate b/w anti-state & nationalism.

– What happened in JNU can’t be termed pro-nationalistic. Anti-national slogans raised in University cannot be acceptable to Indians.

– Rahul Gandhi and his colleagues colleagues going to University & supporting the students has proved that national interest is not in their agenda.

– Has Rahul Gandhi lent his voice to separatists in the country? Does he want another partition of the country, asks Amit Shah.

– Would it have been right for Govt not to have acted against anti-national elements? Are you supporting anti-nationalism.

– Rahul Gandhi compared today’s India with Hitler’s Germany. Closest India came to Hitler’s Germany was during IG’s emergency.

– ‘Hitlerwadh’ sirf Congress ke DNA mein hai, says Amit Shah.

– I ask Rahul Gandhi was 1975 (emergency) a demonstration of Cong’s commitment to democracy. Was Mrs. Gandhi not Hitler like?

– By supporting eulogisers of Afzal Guru, what kind of patriotism is Rahul Gandhi displaying? He should apologise to the nation- Amit Shah blog