I Salute Indians For Hailing Demonetisation Initiative Despite Difficulities :PM Modi

| November 12 , 2016 , 12:58 IST
[caption id="attachment_235214" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Prime Minister Narendera Modi briefing Indian Community in Japan. Prime Minister Narendera Modi briefing Indian Community in Japan.[/caption] Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said he was aware of the hardship people were facing in India because of the demonetisation move, but emphasized that it was necessary in the larger interests of the nation. Here is the video of PM Narendra speaking in Japan on scrapping of Rs 500/1000 notes, says "salute countrymen for supporting the decision":   Addressing the Indian diaspora in Japan, Modi said people back home were hailing his decision of rendering Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes invalid but some of them were being prodded to speak against the government because of politics. Also Read: India-Japan Civil Nuclear Deal:PM Modi Calls Pact With Japan ‘Historic Step’ "I know it is difficult. People are made to speak against Modi but I salute the people... some stood in the queues for five hours, six hours but endured the hardship. The same way as people in Japan endured in 2011," he said, referring the earthquake-triggered tsunami five years ago that hit Japan. Here is the video of PM Narendra Modi addressing Indian community in Japan He said the government had not taken the decision on demonetization in haste. "We had given 50 days to people to show their unaccounted wealth" till September, before the government decided to render the large currency bills illegal tender. "I salute the people of India for hailing Demonetisation initiative, despite all difficulties they have supported us," PM Modi said. "On the night of 8th November, Rs 500 and 1000 (gestures that they were scrapped), I thank the people of India. I was pondering over the difficulties, our team was thinking of ways. But obviously I couldn't share it with anyone," he added. "This is not an overnight decision, first we had brought in a scheme. Its not that no opportunity was given, it was given," he added.

Narendra Modi on Saturday said the government will go through all personal records since Independence, if required, on the issue of black money and no violator would be spared.

"We will check all the records since Independence. If I come across any unaccounted cash, no one will be spared," Modi said, addressing the Indian diaspora here. He said if the money that surfaces in the banking system comes without its legitimacy and source then there will be proper scrutiny since the beginning. "I believe very clearly, that unaccounted money if it comes to light, then the accounts will be scanned from Independence." He said the government would bring in as many people as possible to do this work. His remarks come in the wake of the government demonetizing Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes from midnight of November 8.