RK AnandCongress on Monday sought affidavit from its 13 disqualified MLAs seeking the report stating that they voted for R K Anand in the recent Haryana Rajya Sabha Polls.

Last week, after watching the videography at the Election Commission office Congress, INLD and Independent candidate R K Anand said that it was BJP-RSS’s conspiracy and he will file another case against them.

While talking to media, Anand took the name of BJP’s Aseem Goyal as the main accused.

On Wednesday Election Commission asked to appear the three candidates who contested the Rajya Sabha polls in Haryana against it and for allegation of the pen provided for marking the votes was “replaced”.

The complainants have given their complaint to EC, and state’s Chief Electoral Officer Vijay Singh Dahiya decided to hear their version.

Lawyer R K Anand had moved EC, alleging someone had changed the original pen provided by the election officials with another one for a while which resulted in some votes being declared as invalid.

State Congress President Ashok Tanwar, who had filed a complaint on behalf of his party, said, “EC has called us as we had filed a complaint. All three candidates — (Union Minister) Birender Singh, Subhash Chandra and Anand have also been called.”

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