kiran bedi
Image: ANI/ Twitter

Former IPS officre Kiran Bedi was on Sunday appointed as the Lieutenant Governor Of Puducherry.

“Extremely grateful to Government for giving me such a wonderful opportunity,” she said on the ocassion.

The development comes just two days after Congress-DMK alliance won 17 of the 30 seats in the assembly elections.

Bedi, who joined as the first woman IPS officer in 1972, served for 35 years before she took voluntary retirement in 2007 as the Director General , Bureau of Police Research and Development.

Bedi, actively supported Anna Hazare’s campaign against black money in 2011 and was also a member of India Against Corruption (IAC). However, she split from it in 2012 after the formation of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in 2012.

She joined BJP in 2015 and was also BJP’s Chief Ministerial candidate for the 2015 Delhi Assembly elections. However, she lost the election from Krishna Nagar constituency to AAP candidate SK Bagga by a margin of 2277 votes.

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