Rare as it may seem, but this morning the country woke up to a profound satisfaction that only comes when political will exudes in the form of action. The surgical strike on PoK  has garnered support from some of the unlikeliest corners. Rahul Gandhi, who has perennially admonished the current government, came out in praise of the prime minister. Even other prominent Congress stalwarts praised the government in its efforts to avenge the Uri attacks.

So what does this symbolise? Does it mean that when a cause is as great as Pakistan then all differences melt down and take the shape of a concrete will which finds common ground in the hearts of all Indians? Does this mean that all the political diatribe that we witness is nothing more than the idol egos of prominent politicians looking to validate their existence? If that is the case then we are doing it right.

A great action such as this warrants great unity. Our disparity in our intellectual outlook, our financial sustainability, our cultural and ethnic identity fades away when the strings connected to our patriotic consciousness are tampered with. We may fight amongst each other, we might quibble at everything that does not align with our sensitivity, but when our national fabric is threatened and mortified, we stand united as Indians. Our differences take a back seat and that is the beauty of a true democracy. That is the essence of India’s soul.  That is epitome of a unified identity.

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