HP Constable Manoj Thakur
HP Constable Manoj Thakur

Head Constable Manoj Thakur from Himachal Pradesh whose patriotic poem on Kashmir “Kashmir to hoga, Pakistan nahi hoga (Kashmir would remain, Pakistan would not)” went viral after the Uri attack which martyred 18 soldiers has had a different reaction across the border resulting in death threats.

Currently posted in Kinnaur, Thakur uploaded the video on Kargil Day (26 July) while singing the song with another policeman. In the viral video, Thakur says that if there is a war, Kashmir would remain but Pakistan would not.

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On his Facebook post, Thakur ckaimed that he has been facing threats of dire consequences by Pakistani citizens.

Unfazed by the threats, Thakur expressed his happiness at the fact that the other side is petrified and confused and pledged to lead a massacre if he comes face to face with any of the ‘infidels’.