MehboobaOpposition National Conference on Sunday attacked Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti over her alleged remark where she said she is “ashamed as a Muslim”.

National Conference spokesperson Junaid Mattu claimed that Mehbooba Mufti while speaking to reporters after the wreath laying ceremony for the CRPF personnel martyred in Pampore
said that “she was ashamed as a Muslim over the attack.”

“This is the same Mehbooba Mufti who used to say that terror has no religion. Now suddenly she sees terror as an offshoot of Islam for which Muslims should be ashamed.
This is shameful coming from a Chief Minister,” Mr. Mattu said.

National Conference leader Omar Abdullah in a tweet said, “So Mehbooba Mufti has joined the “Islamic terror” bandwagon after spending years saying terror had no religion.”

“Nothing can be achieved by this…. We are only defaming Kashmir and the state by these acts. We also deal a setback to the religion we practice,” Ms Mehbooba Mufti had told
reporters today after laying floral wreath on the coffins of the CRPF personnel killed in Pampore yesterday.

Condemning the dastardly attack on the CRPF convoy, the NC spokesperson expressed solidarity with the families of the martyred policemen saying violence in any form is
condemnable and unacceptable.

“While our hearts go out to the families of the martyred CRPF personnel, we are shocked at the Chief Minister’s continued desperation to jump on the Islamic terror bandwagon.
One wonders what her compulsions are but this is tragic. She’s either still trying to prove her loyalty to the RSS and VHP or she has pledged to assail Muslim societies, Muslim countries and Islam as a convenient medium of political empowerment,” Mr Mattu alleged, adding Ms Mehbooba Mufti’s comment was “despicable and highly condemnable.”

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