Handwara firing
Mobile internet services were restored in Kashmir today and authorities lifted restrictions
for three hours on movement of people in Handwara and Kupwara towns, which had been rocked by violent protests that left five persons dead since last Tuesday.

Even as schools in Handwara reopened on Thursday, a week after violence erupted in town following rumours of alleged molestation of a school girl by a soldier, her classmates said that they were not keen on welcoming her back if she returns.

The state police released a video last week in which the girl admitted that it was not an army personnel but a shopkeeper and another young man who tried to molest her as she emerged from a public toilet on her way home.

According to a report by the NDTV, some of her classmates said that the “they would not mingle with her if she returns.”

The headmaster of the school however said that the school ‘would support her fully’ despite all odds.

Meanwhile, the girl remains in the protective custody with her father and aunt.