KEJIBJP MP Manoj Tiwari on Friday alleged that that Kapil Sharma had targeted Prime Minister Narendra in his tweet at the behest of Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Tiwari told ANI, “jinkay khne pr ye baat keh rahe hain, voh ek crore kay chai-samosa kha lete hain (Person whose behest Kapil has tweeted this has spent Rs 1 crore on just tea and samosas.)”

The singer-turned-politician also said that it was wrong for Kapil to drag Modi’s name in his complaint.

“Kapil shouldn’t have dragged PM Modi into this. He should have filed a written complaint. He pays Rs 15 crore income tax, that means he earns Rs 50-60 crore. Kapil ke achche din hain. He should trust PM Modi. India is going through a lot of problems and he is seeing only his problem.”

Tiwari’s remarks came after Sharma on Friday complained to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about corruption in the Mumbai civic body and even questioned if these were the “achhe din” (good days) he had promised in the run-up the 2014 general elections.

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