Demonetisation Criticisors Don't Have Problems With Govt Preparations, They Have Problem They Didn't Get To Prepare: PM Modi
Demonetisation Criticisors Don’t Have Problems With Govt Preparations, They Have Problem They Didn’t Get To Prepare: PM Modi

On the occasion of Constitution Day Prime Minister Narendra Modi released two books ‘Updated Edition of Constitution of India’ and ‘Making of the Constitution’ during a function in Parliament House Annexe and gave a speech.

“November 26 was decided to be observed as Constitution Day to celebrate the Constitution and have greater awareness among the youth. Our Constitution has very special place in our lives, whenever we talk about Constitution, we remember Babasaheb Ambedkar, both are inseparable. We celebrate Jan 26 with pride, but without Nov 26, Jan 26 is incomplete,” said PM Modi

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He added that its “Important to be connected with the spirit of the Constitution, not only be aware of the various articles of the Constitution. Over the years people have forgotten their duties under the Constitution but only remember their rights, a few clever ones even misuse their rights under the Constitution.”

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Regarding the demonetisation uproar, PM Modi said “Everyone has right to use their money but today world is changing, money is not just available physically; must move towards cashless economy. Those criticising Demonetisation move don’t have problem with govt’s preparedness; they have problem that they didn’t get time to prepare.”

“The common citizen of India has become a soldier against corruption and black money” PM Modi said.