DanishThe Delhi Police on Thursday sought maximum punishment for five convicts involved in the gang-rape of a 52-year-old Danish woman.

Meanwhile, the Delhi court has reserved its order for pronouncing the quantum of punishment on the convicted till Friday.

The court had on June 6 held the five accused guilty in the 2014 gang-rape case.

The nine accused were arrested in January, 2014. Out of nine, the three were juveniles who are facing an inquiry before the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB).

The six adult accused — Mahendra alias Ganja (24), Mohd Raja (22), Raju (23), Arjun (21), Raju Chakka (22) and Shyam Lal (55), were in judicial custody and facing trial, however Shyam Lal died in February inside Tihar jail and proceedings against him in the case were abated.

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