Manohar Parrikar speaking at 'Strengthening India’s Defence Capabilities' event in Mumbai.
Manohar Parrikar speaking at ‘Strengthening India’s Defence Capabilities’ event in Mumbai.

Addressing masses at the ‘Strengthening India’s Defence Capabilities’ event in Mumbai, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar spoke over surgical strike along LoC, conducted by Indian army.

Parrikar said that, ” India doesn’t like war as it brings economic miseries;this country has never liked to rule other countries; which is its greatness”.

However, Peace and this dislike for war should not be equated with weakness. India needs to think in terms of strength to avoid war, He added.

Lauding surgical strike conducted by Indian Army, Parrikar said, “127 crores people of this country and the Indian armed forces deserve the credit for the surgical strike”.

“There was a burden of helplessness among 127 cr people &13.5 lakh army people that enemy is continuously bleeding us through 1000 cuts,” He said.

“PM Modi tried his best to give opportunity to the neighbour to have good relations & develop together,” he added.

However, our “hand of friendship” was probably construed as weakness by a few and they needed to be told very firmly. This has changed mindset of our opponents,now they are worried that there is no predictability with India, Parrikar said.

Slamming Terrorists, Parrikar said that, “Terrorism is one issue that I consider as a proxy war carried out by non-state actor, almost like a covert operation”.

Therefore, we should strengthen ourselves to a level, where no one dare challenges us for conventional and non-conventional war. I have been Defence Minister for over 2 years and from whatever I’ve learnt, there was no surgical strike anytime earlier, defence minister said.