BK Bansal Suicide Case: A Timeline
BK Bansal Suicide Case: A Timeline

JULY 19, 2016: Former Director General Corporate Affairs BK Bansal arrested by the CBI on alleged charges of bribery and attempting to scuttle a probe against a Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company. Arrest made after CBI conducted raids at eight locations related to the case. They had also allegedly caught him accepting a bribe of Rs 9 lakh

JULY 22, 2016: Bodies of Satyabala (57) and Neha (27), BK Bansal’s wife and daughter respectively found hanging from their Madhu Vihar residence in New Delhi. Notes found near the bodies said no one was responsible for their deaths, although it is reported that in the notes they stated that the CBI raids had caused “great humiliation” and they did not want to live after that.

AUGUST 30, 2016: A special CBI court grants bail to BK Bansal in the corruption case, taking note of the “unfortunate” events that took place in his family. Special CBI Judge Gurdeep Singh observed that taking into consideration the fact that when his wife and daughter committed suicide he was in police custody and he himself was suffering from a medical condition, BK Bansal was entitled to bail.

SEPTEMBER 27, 2016: Just over two months following suicides of his wife and daughter, bodies of BK Bansal and his son were found at their Madhu Vihar residence. While investigations into the deaths is in its initial stages, Bansal had earlier mentioned to a CBI judge regarding his son’s depression and feared “he too will do what his mother and sister did”

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