Attack Against Dalits In Gujarat: Know All That Happened Till Now

| July 20 , 2016 , 14:23 IST


  • JULY 11, 2016: Four Dalit men were stripped and beaten by Shiv Sena men for skinning a dead cow in Gir Somnath's Una taaluka
  •  JULY 18, 2016: Seven members of the Dalit community in Gujarat attempted suicide protesting against the atrocity on them
  • Gujarat’s Anandiben Patel government on Monday announced a probe by the CID (Crime) into violence against Dalit youth in the Saurashtra region
  • Dalits held protest rallies in major towns including in Gondal, where five members of the community consumed pesticide while two members consumed it in another town Jamkandorana town
  • Mayawati raised the issue of beating up of four Dalit youth in public and parading them in Una town in Gujarat by cow protection vigilantes
  • JULY 19, 2016: A head constable was killed in stone-pelting by a mob as the ongoing protests by Dalits over four community members being assaulted allegedly for skinning a cow in Una spread to several parts of Gujarat
  • A young Dalit from Junagadh consumed acid to attempt suicide, later died at the Civil Hospital.
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