kapil mishraDelhi Minister Kapil Mishra on Tuesday quoted controversy by comparing Prime Minister Narendra Modi with an ISI agent.

“Do we have a ISI agent as PM now?? Its very serious the way PM is surrendering to anti India forces?” Mishra, who is also the senior Aam Aadmi party leader tweeted.

Kapil Mishra’s tweet comes after Pakistani media quoting, Probe team member, who visited India to investigate Pathankot Terror attack, alleges that ‘the attack was staged by India to expand its “vicious propaganda” against Pakistan.

Aam Aadmi party-led by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind kejriwal are up in arms against Centre Govt-led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for allowing Pakistan probe team to India.

“BJP-led Government is indulging in dual standards by allowing Pakistan’s JIT to probe the Pathankot terror attack” Kejriwal said on Tuesday adding that ‘On one hand the Centre preaches ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ and on the other they allow ISI on Indian soil,” Kejriwal said.