Episode of Big Boss 10 broadcasted on Monday night (November 22) started at a low pace, but then a verbal spat evoked between Manu and Swami Om.

Next morning, song “Sarkai Lo Khatiya” song was played by big boss to wake up the contestants. Everything was going as usual with arguments, fights and gossips, until the immunity task for this week was announced.

Gaurav announced the immunity task for this week given by Big Boss called ‘Viral Video’. In the task the contestants were divided into two teams- Team Bani and Team Lopamudra. Both the teams were asked to make viral videos and the videos will be judged by Sunny Leone. According to rules, whichever team will get thumbs-up (Like) from the Sunny on their video will win the task.

Sunny Leone also gave a video message to the housemates after which the task started. But, after both the teams ended up shooting their first video Big Boss called Bani and Lopa to the confession room. Both were informed that the videos should not contain any adult content and so there first videos were deleted.

Bigg Boss calls Bani and Lopa to the confession room and tells that their video should not have an adult content, so their first videos have been deleted from the show.

In second attempt of making first video, team Bani got thumbs up but while making second video Lopamudra Raut stunned everybody with her sensual moves. In the second video of Lopamudra performed a sensual pole dance which took everybody by storm.

Here is the video of dance

The task in is not completed yet, in today’s episode housemates will be making more video.