sanaSana Amin Sheikh, who got married to TV director Ayaz Sheikh on January 15 this year, was in news for her show ‘Krishnadasi’ a few days back. The actress is once again in news for her powerful post on Facebook.

The 26-year-old actress posted: “There r people who bash me asking why do i put sindoor after pack up.. (btw it goes off only when i wash my hair), even if i wear it by choice.. does it make me less of a Muslim.. my Nani and my Mum wore Mangalsutras.. which is a “Hindu thing”
Does this make us less of a Muslim.. ?
I know i am going to get bashed at this too..
All those who r staunch muslims who write to me.. why don’t u get off insta and facebook.. Isn’t this entertainment.. why do u watch my soaps on tv.. Isn’t it Haraam.. ?
Will Allah put me in dozzak because i wore sindoor.. ?
And will u go to jannat inspite of the fact that u wasted your time on facebook and other entertainment sources and that u gave me hidayat.. ??”