If you are a’90s born, then undoubtedly you had a blessed childhood, as the cartoon series of that decade was simply awesome. You should pride yourself for watching the best Television programs and cartoon too.

TaleSpin, The Jungle Book, Chip n’ Dale and most impotantly DuckTales used to be the most demanded cartoon series of ’90s. Every kid used to wait for these cartoons and when they come on TV no one could peel off their eyes from the TV screens. We all miss our golden childhood days.

But what if I tell you that you can relive your childhood once again and watch your favourite cartoon series once again. Will you believe this?

Yes, it is true, to revive your childhood days, one of the most popular cartoon series of ’90s ‘DuckTales’ is all set to make a comeback. Disney has released a teaser of the reboot.

Here is the newly launched teaser trailer of ‘DuckTales’.