Remember the girl from Roadies season 4, who later turned a VJ?

Ya we are talking about Gurbani Judge a.k.a. Bani J!

She is still there, hosting TV shows and acting in movies. And the best part comes now — she is a fitness freak and has been working out a lot. Check out her major transformation:

Whoa. Hot. Manly. Ew. Ugly. Wow. Beautiful. Wow. Goals. Bae. Wtf. Gross. Respect. Fuck. Hardcore. Be a girl. You're becoming a man.🔥 😍. . A lot of people like to throw these words/ emojis around. Just like they love to throw their opinions in your face, shove them down your throat and then stuff you until you suffocate into a neat little column or box and file you away where you can no longer serve as a threat to their narrow minded, never expanding nor evolving selves. 'They' don't have the patience, the space in those tiny heads that are kept at alarmingly limited capacities by believing all the shit they have been fed. Beliefs of how one is supposed to BE, THINK, BEHAVE and ofcourse LOOK. If you've been following my posts, one thing you'll know for sure is that I'm not necessarily fond of giving a fuck to that particular school of… nonexistantthought. Ha, the irony. Just felt like reminding you beautiful supportive lot that. Don't look for validation from outside of yourselves, don't get into that column and box just to make someone else happy, do what feels right for you, what makes you happy. look within, it's there. All you ever need. Now go forth, give no fucks. If you've been tagged in this post it's because I love you for allowing me to BE me and do what makes me happy and thus live more of what my goal is :) <<ELLE MAG 2016 BEAUTY ISSUE>> #authentic #trueself #happy #beyouDoyou #always #religiousonanotherlevel #nxtlvlsht #nofcksgiven #unlabel #unapologetic #healthy #fitness #inspire #dowhatyoulove

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Met this girl in the gym after I got back from SA – she's a hard worker and you can tell she really wants to build a body and is motivated. She saw me and asked me how I was. 'Im f*cking exhausted, feel drained and haven't slept' I say with a smile. 'so what are you doing in the gym' she asks. 'Im doing my time' I say. .. I get started and in between sets she comes up to me and asks 'what keeps you going?' So I think for a second and say 'well, I know I don't have the advantage of time on my hands, none of us do- it's silly to think we do. I want to constantly evolve and grow and learn and improve.. So instead of waiting to get working on me tomorrow, or day after I'm here today and now. I'm not listening to my mind telling me I'm tired and I should just sleep, I'm conditioning it to overcome, same with my body- to just push and push and keep on that grind'. . . You just have to decide and make up your mind, to do everything possible to get what you want. . . What keeps you going? . . #fitfam #realtalk #bodytalk #motivation #fridaynight #training #womenwholift #physique #thatgymflow #thatfitlifestyle #dowhatyougottado #everydamnday #beastinit #growth #progress #time #conditioning #mind #body

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