Beauty And The Beast (2017)
Beauty And The Beast (2017)

Cast: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Joah Gad, Kevin Kline, Evan McGregor, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson, Stanley Tucci.

Direction: Bill Condon

Genre: Fantasy

This version of Disney’s  ‘Beauty And The Beast’ is a live-action remake of the animated version that rolled on screens in 1991. A tale of love different from all the others in the fantasy genre,  It is an awe-inspiring tale of ‘Belle’ (Emma Watson) who falls in love with a Cursed prince, the ‘Beast’ (played by Dan Stevens).

Emma plays a local artist’s daughter, who gets trapped in the Beast’s castle and then falls in love with him. Dan’s character learns “beauty lies within” only after he and his entire staff are cursed by an enchantress. A curse that only a bond of true love could break!

Belle’s father gets imprisoned by the beast after he acuses him of thievery, she goes on to bravely trade places with her father in order to rescue him.  She fears him at first but soon with the help of the adorable ‘talking ‘ artifacts, she grows fond of him and determines to bring out the best in him.

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in Beauty And The Beast
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in Beauty And The Beast

The live action format is indeed more attractive as the sets, visual and special effects make the tale look ever so mesmerizing. The other change one needs to focus on are the sound tracks in the movie – though they made slight changes to the original score the new additions to the album are just as lovely.

The execution is more grim of this version. To look at the characterization – Belle comes off as a feminist, brave girl and the Beast is just as arrogant, but he is made to look even scarier by adding effects to this beastly appearance! The colour changes in costumes are slight but great.

As a Disney fan, one would agree to the fact that it’s original animated version that is now 26 years old, will never cease to melt our hearts!

Overall Emma and Dan’s chemistry appeals to the audience and the magical essence of the movie is just as captivating and surely goes into the list of ‘must – watch’!