salman khan with salim khanSalman Khan’s comment that training for Sultan left him feeling like a “raped women” has sparked a wide outrage on the social media.

The comment apparently has not gone down well with the National Council for Women (NCW), which has given him seven days to apologise.

“When I used to walk out of that ring, it used to be actually like a raped woman walking out,” he had said in response to a question on the hectic shooting schedule for his upcoming movie Sultan.

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NCW Chief Lalitha Kumaramangalam todl the news agencies that the commission has sent him a letter asking him why he said this.

“This is very sad. Just because he is Salman Khan doesnt mean he will make such a statement. Seven days have been given to him to apologise else we will call him to the Commission,” she said.

Later, Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan apologized for actor’s statement, saying says his statement was wrong but not intentional

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