Actress Poonam Pandey is set to launch her own app.

“Razr Corp and my agency approached me with the idea of creating an app. They gave me full creative freedom to create this app exactly the way I wanted it to be. So, of course I accepted the challenge. I am very happy with the final product,” said Poonam, who had once made headlines for promising to go topless if the Indian cricket team won the World Cup.

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Giving a hint about her app, she said: “This is all about me. If you think I am bold, my app is going to be bold as well. I have the full freedom to post anything that I want.”

Check out what the media sensation posted on her twitter account about her App:

“Everyone regardless of their age, people can download the app from my website.” She added further.

‘The Poonam Pandey App’ will be launched on April 17.