Watch: Shah Rukh Khan In Scuffle With A Fan In Turkey?
Badshah of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan recently attended The India today Conclave, 2017 and during that interview he opened up about how he feels about his fans and paparazzi, and also about the incident where a journalist got hurt by his car!

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Shah Rukh jokingly said, “See the first thing, if you’re stepping out and people won’t let you be and they grab at you and pull you, is you have to smell good. That’s important; brush your teeth, hair should be soft and you should smell very, very good. Those people, they come with expectations, right? So you got to smell good, that’s the secret you need to follow.”

He says further that he has a huge female fan following and they want to touch him because they love him, but they have really long nails and he has many scratches on his arm. He says that “their love hurts”, and also that he has to explain to his wife and kids that it is just fan’s doing and that did nothing fishy! He says that now he has lady body guards to protect him from the female fans because he feels it’s rude if male bodyguards push girls in order to keep him safe! [VIDEO]





The ever so charming SRK knows well that this paparazzi and fan reaction is all part of the package of being such a big superstar!